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Initial reactions to Boris’s Brilliant Bike Ride: I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really lovely work with a gorgeous unobtrusive and honest feel to it. A total tear- jerker but never slipped into sappy. No easy thing to do. Mike Jones Head of Technological Arts International Film School, Sydney Just watched Boris and really enjoyed the program. It is a good doco - believe me! John Westwood Redgum Television Productions & Executive Producer, Channel 31 Beautifully shot! Jack King ABC TV Brisbane
Videos: Boris’s Brilliant Bike Ride
Filmed on location in Vietnam and Melbourne, and narrated by William McInnes, Boris’s Brilliant Bike Ride is a deeply moving story about the world of muscular dystrophy and a gruelling fund- raising bike ride that raised almost half a million dollars for MD research. See more at mda.org.au
Denby & David on completion of filming
On the road in Vietnam
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