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Dr David Smith BSc (Hons) PhD FRSA is a writer and film maker specializing in broadly educational multimedia for web and DVD. Specialist fields include trauma surgery, mental health, social issues, the environment and primary and secondary school education.  With more than a decade spent as a research physiologist and lecturer in zoology, David published more than 35 research papers and worked in Australia, Canada, Sweden and on the Amazon River in Brazil. He has also written six books including two critically acclaimed eco-thrillers published by Penguin Books Working as director, cameraman, producer, writer, &/or presenter on numerous broadcast documentaries, David hosted his own weekly national television series, David Smith’s Earthwatch, on ABC TV for two years. David worked as Associate Producer and Animation Supervisor on the large-format (IMAX) documentary Australia: land beyond time (Living Pictures). David established imaginACTION in 1987 as a company dedicated to taking imaginative ideas and converting them into reality.
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